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Mr. Andrews was awarded the Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI) certification by the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI) in 2010.

Representative Fire Cases


Investigation and litigation/trial


Apartment building fire – Columbus, Ohio – ten fatalities – arson


Induction furnace explosion – Canton, Ohio – fatality


Hospital fire – Columbus, Ohio – emergency generator improperly serviced


Office building fire – Cleveland, Ohio – light fixture in law office


Warehouse fire – Toledo, Ohio – arson, improper service to suppression system


Residential fire – Columbus, Ohio – combustibles in proximity to kitchen stove


Fire in vehicle – Columbus, Ohio - Severe burn from 20# propane tank fire


Residential explosion – Enon, Ohio - natural gas pipeline leak – double fatality


Residential fire – Cleveland, Ohio – arson found by jury


Residential fire – Port Clinton, Ohio – landscape lighting transformer


Bus terminal explosion - Akron, Ohio - natural gas fueling depot – defective relief valve


Natural gas filling station explosion – Toledo, Ohio – defective component


Jewelry store fire – Columbus, Ohio – faulty power strip


Tavern fire – Cleveland, Ohio – arson


Grocery store fire – Youngstown, Ohio – arson not found by jury


Supermarket fire – Findlay, Ohio – fluorescent light fixture ballast suspected


Office fire – Chagrin Falls, Ohio – coffee maker found not defective by jury


Mobile home fire – West Union, Ohio – arson


Vehicle fire – Portsmouth, Ohio - arson


Warehouse fire – New Philadelphia, Ohio – cutting torch – jury found accidental


Oil refinery waste water treatment plant explosion – Toledo, Ohio – welding equipment


Furniture factory fire – Jackson, Ohio – coating/painting line


Warehouse fire – Waverly, Ohio – arson by security guard


Chemical plant explosion – Newark, Ohio – pressure vessel


Wood-burning steam generation plant – Akron, Ohio – suppression system failure


Warehouse fire – Toledo, Ohio – arson


Residential fire – Cleveland, Ohio – exposure fire/arson


Apartment fire – Van Wert, Ohio – defective refrigerator found to be cause by jury


Warehouse fire – St. Marys, Ohio – undetermined


Residential fire – Cleveland, Ohio – defective oil filled space heater


Manufacturing plant – Circleville, Ohio – conveyor belt


Residential fire – Cleveland, Ohio – power cord crushed by water bed frame


Residential fire – Bucyrus, Ohio – gasoline used in kerosene space heater – fatality


Residential fire – Mansfield, Ohio – water heater


Garage fire – Marietta, Ohio – battery charger


TV satellite truck – Columbus, Ohio – improper towing


Fast food restaurant fire – Mansfield, Ohio – suppression system failure


Thermite plant explosion – Elyria, Ohio – aluminum powder ignited – fatality


Apartment fire – Berea, Ohio – unattended cooking appliance


Printing plant fire – Dayton, Ohio – electrical


Pick-up truck – Columbus, Ohio - arson


Residential fire – Cleveland, Ohio – careless smoking - fatality


Dormitory fire – Gallipolis, Ohio – candle in proximity to combustibles


Residence fire – Columbus, Ohio - candle in proximity to combustibles – fatality


Investigation with no resulting litigation


Explosion at soft drink warehouse – Columbus, Ohio - forklift propane tank


Residential fire – Dayton, Ohio – furnace suspected


Office building fire – Columbus, Ohio – consumer tower fan suspected


Bank building fire – Marysville, Ohio – cause undetermined


Race track barn fire – Lebanon, Ohio – bucket heater


Galvanizing plant – Marion, Ohio – natural gas piping


Scrap furnace breakout – Gallatin, Kentucky – cracked cooling panel


Warehouse fire – Detroit, Michigan – undetermined

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